SoundCloud removing Groups feature to enhance other areas

SoundCloud have decided to get rid of Groups as they move forward with their open music streaming and sharing platform.

SoundCloud’s Groups feature allowed anyone to create a Group of music which people could become members of and add tracks to, like social playlisting. The Groups feature for collating genres and label music into one place but wasn’t popular enough to warrant keeping available.

SoundCloud say that they were reviewing their existing features when they found that Groups weren’t performing on the same level as reposts, and properly curated playlists. Without wanting to leave a feature for the sake of it, and “to make room for future updates” SoundCloud have decided to get “phase out” groups on August 22nd. Until then however you can still use groups as before, and if there’s any close to your hearts you might want to get through to saving the tracks and artists soon.

In their announcement SoundCloud said to moderators of Groups:

As a Group moderator, we understand the following you’ve built by moderating submissions to your Groups — we suggest to keep that following going by creating a profile to curate. You can use Reposts and Playlists to share suitable tracks, and accept submissions via Messages.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can continue to improve your experience on SoundCloud.

You have just under a month to preserve your Groups somewhere else and to adjust to the painful transition of a SoundCloud without Groups from 22nd August.

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    So there’s no reason for artist to even have soundcloud anymore? Nice move, lol i’m definitely deleting my account, n tell others i know to do so as well.

    Ive had groups since 2007 and it took time for them to grow…some 100k plus and what do these shmucks do delete it..them I dont pay paymore its not what i sign up for fuck this noise.. they fumbled the ball really no interest in them anymore… all the hard work I put into my profile and groups and they just press the delete button not worth my time anymore.. Its crap yes still in 2017 i rather go to youtube..

    I was a regular paid subscriber to Soundcloud for many years, largely because Groups allowed me to reach listeners. Now that Groups have been abolished for some time, I rarely get my track heard and would rather spend marketing effort with YouTube. I therefore cancelled my paid subscription.

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