SoundCloud Introduce Stations For Music Discovery

“Sit back, tune in and discover. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Stations on the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android.”

SoundCloud have launched a new feature for their mobile apps on iOS and Android that creates an auto-generated playlist of music tailored to your tastes. An upgrade to their Related Tracks feature, Stations bring you a stream of music from SoundCloud based on your likes.

Stations can be created from a number of sources. Tap on a track for a station based around that one track or create streams from a search term, content stream and from your collection. Creating a Station on SoundCloud couldn’t be easier, just open the menu for one of those four bases and select “Start Station” and SoundCloud will generate it’s best recommendations out of their 100 million+ tracks for an endless stream.

If you’re listening to a station that you’re really liking you can find it again in your collection under “Recent Stations”. Amongst your Likes and Playlists this ensures any great new music you discover on SoundCloud isn’t lost.

Stations are ready for you to start discovering on SoundCloud for iOS and Android.

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