Soundcloud Hires new CTO from Yahoo and Turns on Programmatic Ad Buying in the U.S. for Marketers

Soundcloud is looking to grow is online advertising business with the recent hire of a new CTO from Yahoo and also turning on programmatic ad buying in the U.S..

Programmatic ad buying makes it possible for marketers to target users on the platform based on parameters like location, music listening habits and other demographics like age.

SoundCloud’s partner in the venture is Triton Digital, an audio advertising platform that works with Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and others and sells programmatic through its a2x platform. SoundCloud had already launched programmatic with Triton as in smaller markets, specifically Australia, New Zealand and Canada — a testing ground of sorts before turning it on in the U.S. The U.S. is by far SoundCloud’s biggest market, accounting for 75 percent of its 175 million users, or 131 million listeners.

Its only a matter of time before Soundcloud looks to expand their programmatic ad buying globally to really cash in on the ad dollars.

“Audio is a fast growing area of programmatic advertising, and we’re excited to expand our partnership with Triton to add our premium audio inventory to the U.S. market,” said Peter Diamond, SoundCloud’s head of brand partnerships, North America, in a statement. “Triton’s technology makes it easy for advertisers in the U.S. to access prime SoundCloud ad inventory in an automated fashion to connect with our unique, highly engaged audience.”

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