Australia and New Zealand are the latest countries to get SoundCloud’s new subscription service, SoundCloud Go after launching in the US, France, UK and Ireland.

Australia and New Zealand are the first markets in the Southern Hemisphere to get SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s debut subscription service offering offline tracks, an expanded library of over 135 million tracks, and ad-free listening. SoundCloud Go launched earlier this year in March after SoundCloud signed deals with all 3 of the major record labels.

SoundCloud Go is available in Australia and New Zealand on web, iOS App Store and Google Play, and priced at AU$11.99 / NZ$12.99 per month, with a free 30-day trial. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge for signing up to the service via the SoundCloud app ($14.99 (AU) / $17.99 (NZ) per month) by visiting instead.

In addition, the free service listeners love today will remain and will now be supported by a range of advertising options as part of SoundCloud’s commitment to creators to have the opportunity to be paid for the work they share.

Over the last few months, SoundCloud launched several new features to give listeners even more ways to discover its massive catalogue of diverse content – from hip-hop, rock, pop, jazz, ambient, witch-hop and electronic, to new genres and sounds emerging on SoundCloud everyday.

New features include:

Albums allowing creators to share and organise their work, and listeners even more ways to discover, share and interact with their favourite music.
Stations, a long radio-like mix of music based upon any track or artist.
Suggested Tracks, to discover new favourites within a familiar groove or genre.

For more information regarding SoundCloud Go, please visit