SoundCloud are preparing for an artist-led future

Another new hire for SoundCloud represents their big moves towards a new future as a “next-generation music company”.

Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood has been named the Chief Content and Marketing Officer of SoundCloud, marking yet another big new hire for the music platform. Lauren joins shortly after Eliah Seton took on the role of President, promising an exciting new future of potential with SoundCloud which we’re already seeing.

What direction is it SoundCloud are moving in when they promise a “next generation”? It’s clear that SoundCloud want to have a special relationship with artists. They’re in a unique position compared to other streaming services, where they have always thrived on empowering independent artists of all sizes by offering a direct platform to share music.

In recent years, programs like First On SoundCloud have seen them working with up-and-coming musicians to push them to listeners around the world and boost their success. Whilst other streaming services work closely like Spotify’s RADAR program, SoundCloud are in an even more unique position with their user-led platform.

Through their programs like SoundCloud Repost Select, SoundCloud are working with artists to not only promote them and expand their music but also to distribute to the various other services. SoundCloud are also looking to other places to promote their rising artists, like their recent partnership with Triller to offer a chart of their rising Repost artists to video creators.

Their new artist focussed relationship can be clearly felt in SoundCloud’s recent landmark announcement introducing UCPS. UCPS (user-centric payment systems) transform how streaming payments are made to offer – in theory – a much fairer royalty pay-out, particularly to smaller artists with a niche but dedicated fanbase; the bread and butter of SoundCloud artists.

The payment model only applies to artists directly distributing and monetising their music with SoundCloud. It represents a move towards a better working relationship with artists under the platform and areas that they can completely control, despite their working with the other major services.

The number of new hires in top roles recently cements the fact that SoundCloud have big plans to set themselves apart and their goal seems to be an artist-first movement.

On Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood’s new hire, SoundCloud CEO Michael Weissman said: “Lauren’s impressive background spanning labels, social media, and artist services is unique in the industry. She is known for pioneering strategies and building teams that utilize music and tech to connect artists and fans — enabling artists to stay independent while building long-term, successful careers in music. I’m excited to welcome Lauren to SoundCloud and partner with her to further strengthen SoundCloud’s unique position and relevance between artists and fans around the world.”

Speaking on her new role herself, Lauren said: “My career has been defined by my passion for empowering artists to maximize their potential in the ever-changing digital world. I’m proud to join Mike and the SoundCloud team as it redefines how artists, particularly those who are independent, grow and thrive in the modern music industry and how the next generation of fans experience music and entertainment.”

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