Let’s review what you get when you sign up to RouteNote’s Free or Premium music distribution. Is RouteNote safe and worthy of your time?

Should I use RouteNote? Yes! There’s a reason nearly 900,000 artists have chosen RouteNote to release their music online. We might be biased, but we think what we do at RouteNote is pretty great.

Many of the RouteNote team are musicians themselves, hugely passionate about giving independent artists and labels the opportunity to get your music heard around the globe. What’s more, you make money while you’re at it.

We’re the leading digital music distributor in Europe, covering 95% of the digital market, getting your music around the world from our partnerships with the likes of Tencent in China to Spotify and Apple Music.

With our free distribution you earn money every time someone streams your music, and keep 85% of the royalties. As well as uploading tracks to all the major streaming services and stores, we put your music onto social media platforms, and help you protect your music on YouTube and SoundCloud.

By removing the barriers of record deals and complicated contracts, we’ve made it so that anyone with a musical passion can release music. No messing around, no underhand transactions. Just your music, out in the world, for free.

Meanwhile, if you’re an established artist or indie label, RouteNote’s Premium tier is perfect. You’ll keep 100% of revenue, for a transparent upfront fee and yearly costs. There’s no hidden fees and you can switch between Premium and Free at any time.

Want to learn more? Head here to get started, and find out what RouteNote can do for you and your music.