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Wondering how to get your music on SoundCloud Go? Check out RouteNote’s free SoundCloud Network – helping you to make money from SoundCloud each time someone listens to your tracks.

Want to add your music to SoundCloud Go? SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are SoundCloud’s subscription services for paid subscribers. They offer the chance for users to listen to songs without being interrupted by ads like on SoundCloud. But how do artists get music onto SoundCloud Go – and how do they make money from SoundCloud?

RouteNote music distribution helps artists earn money from their music on SoundCloud by monetising uploads, for free. You don’t have to be an existing RouteNote user – if you’re already using another music distributor who doesn’t work with SoundCloud, we can help fill the gap by monetising your music on SoundCloud too.

How do I join the RouteNote SoundCloud Network?

To start making money from your SoundCloud tracks through RouteNote, first make a RouteNote account and upload your music, choosing either our Free or Premium distribution. Free Distribution allows you to keep 85% of your revenue at no extra cost to you, and with Premium keep 100% for a small fee.

RouteNote also offers monetisation of social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, and unlimited uploads to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, which you can sign up to for no extra cost to help your music reach millions of listeners around the world. There’s no obligation, however.

After you’ve uploaded your tracks, follow the steps here to link your SoundCloud channel to start earning each time your music is played on SoundCloud Go and across the platform. Your SoundCloud account automatically upgrades to unlimited uploads when you join our SoundCloud Network. 

Whether people are streaming your track on SoundCloud Go or from their free subscription, RouteNote’s free monetisation makes it easy for you to start earning money from SoundCloud.

Want your music to join over 135 million SoundCloud Go tracks online? Find out more and sign up to RouteNote here.

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How to change music distributor from Spinnup to RouteNote

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