Make gnarly sound choices and live dangerously with the Bad Contact free lofi VST plugin

Image Credit: Rawoltage

Like living life on the edge? This free lofi plugin, Bad Contact, makes nasty sounds that will either make you addicted to the thrill or make you wish you’d never found the free music software.

Bad Contact by Rawoltage is a really fun and quite scary free lofi VST that explores the creative potential of the nasty crackles and risky feedback from sound engineering mistakes. You might want to turn down the volume.

There’s a thrill to be found in messing with the “proper” sounds of music production. Bad Contact lets you create exhilarating pops, crackles and hums to add a bit of menace to your tracks.

Using the free VST you can create dirty, harsh sounds for industrial dance music. But don’t run away just yet. At the other end of the spectrum, with just a bit of hum or crackle you could make a stylish lo-fi effect that’s perfect for your chilled out beats.

The sounds of Bad Contact are oscillator generated, meaning there’s no dull repetition of ideas here. The free plugin has a simple but attention-grabbing design. The transformer generates a 50/60 Hz hum, the rusty large dial makes a fearsome crackling noise, and the power button makes a sudden pop.

Bad Contact is s a 64-bit VST2 and VST3 for Windows. Check out the free plugin and download Bad Contact from Rawoltage here.

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