Spotify have added a ‘Concerts’ tab for every artist page so that you can view tour dates and buy tickets whilst you stream their music.

Spotify have bolstered their partnership with Songkick, introducing a Concerts tab for every artist on Spotify’s music streaming service. The tab will show all upcoming shows and a link to buy tickets for each gig.

Spotify and Songkick’s partnership has been ongoing for a while now, previously offering a dedicated ‘Concerts’ space where you could see upcoming shows near you from artists you’ve listened to. It was like a discover weekly for Concerts showing you recommended artists as well and evolving with your listening tastes.

This was a great feature as it updated with your location, so if you were visiting somewhere away from home for a few days you can see what live music is on around you that you would like. Whilst the increased Songkick integration isn’t as personalised it simplifies the process massively. Just search the artists you like and you can instantly see where they’re playing.

Yesterday Songkick announced that they had received an additional $15 million in funding to expand concert discoveries and ticketing. It’s probably no coincidence that the day after Songkick received a large amount of additional funding they’re releasing an increased partnership with Spotify. It’s expected that Songkick will also expand it’s partnerships with other music services like SoundCloud, YouTube, MTV, and more.

The update introducing Concert tabs on artist pages will be rolled out today for Spotify’s desktop app.