RouteNote Has The Fastest Growing SoundCloud Network in The World

At the start of this year RouteNote became the first digital music aggregator to partner with SoundCloud, joining their On SoundCloud platform to help artists make money on SoundCloud for the first time. Since then our SoundCloud Network has seen massive growth and become the fastest growing network on SoundCloud in the world.

Thanks to the popularity and great response to our Network from artists, two weeks ago we opened our SoundCloud Network for ALL artists to get their tracks monetised and gain access to lots of extra benefits.

We work with some of the top artists and labels on SoundCloud, here are just a few of the artists and labels that are part of RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network:


Benny Benassi

Bombs Away

Gamper & Dadoni

High On Music

So what are you waiting for? Join our SoundCloud Network today!


Here are all the features you get when you join our SoundCloud Network:
  • Free Pro-Unlimited account
  • Revenue share of 85% to the channel owners
  • Verification on your SoundCloud profile
  • VIP access to better Branding Options
  • Access to Premium features like Geotargeting, scheduling and more
  • Full Transparency – You can see all real-time stats in your SoundCloud account
  • You always keep 100% ownership of your account and tracks
  • Better rights management
  • No lock-in forever – You can leave at any time


Here’s how you can join the fastest growing SoundCloud Network in the world:
  1. Login to your RouteNote account or sign up if you don’t have one (it’s free!) at
  2. Go to the SoundCloud tab on
  3. Add your SoundCloud channel URL(s) where it says ‘Profile URL:’
  4. Click submit
  5. Once we accept you channel you can add SoundCloud Track URLs and see SoundCloud in your Manage Stores page for each release


Please note: It can take up to 48 hours to accept your channel. You can only monetise your own music or music you have the rights to on your SoundCloud channel(s).

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