TikTok music stars and bedroom producers – here are 7 artists tipped to climb the pop songs chart in 2022.

Who will release the best pop song in 2022? They might well be on this list.

The most popular pop songs of 2021 were a mix of TikTok anthems and releases from long-awaited pop albums. Adele’s 30 arrived after a six-year gap, Ed Sheeran released new album =, and Taylor Swift began re-releasing her old records; all creating a social media buzz.

At the other end of the scale, Olivia Rodrigo led a charge of brand-new pop artists emerging on TikTok with music filled with honesty, humour and above all fiendishly catchy hooks. Therein lurked pop punk and 90s influences. Will these trends continue in 2022?

A line can be drawn directly from TikTok to the majority of our new music picks for 2022. All the hottest new music is emerging from the short video app. Here are seven ones to watch in pop music this year.

Brooke Combe

Brooke Combe found viral fame through posting covers of popular songs on – you guessed it – TikTok. In 2022 the multi-instrumentalist deserves to hit the big time.

Mia Rodriguez

Hints of Gwen Stefani from this self-taught Australian 19-year-old. Sweet, catchy vocals over beats heaped with attitude.


Reiley began as a TikToker and, 11 million followers later, is signed to Atlantic Records as a pristinely packaged 2022 pop star. Come for the canny marketing of iPhone ringtone sampling on “Let It Ring,” stay for the simple youthful rawness of single “Superman.”


GAYLE will look to follow the runaway success of her debut “abcdefu,” a song that emerged from a TikTok songwriting prompt. More than a clever one hit wonder? We’ll have to wait and see what 2022 has in store, but we wouldn’t put it past her.

Sarah Kinsley

Brought up on orchestral music, Sarah Kinsley’s alt-pop is filled with basslines like Haim and vocals like Kate Bush – and music production she does herself.

Thomas Headon

Harry Styles doing noughties guitar pop? Social media sensation Thomas Headon is almost guaranteed to pick up still more fans as the year progresses.

Lola Young

One of the runner-ups of the BBC Sound of 2022 list. Look out for more soulful, emotional pop ballads from Lola Young this year, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Adele.

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