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The BBC Sound of 2022 list reveals the artists predicted to top UK music charts this year – and the winner is an anonymous singer who not long ago was making GarageBand beats in her bedroom.

The BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 winner has been chosen, revealing the top new British music act predicted to go big in the next 12 months. Musician PinkPantheress has been picked as the winner by 130 music industry professionals from around the world, topping a list of ones to watch in music that includes Yard Act, Priya Ragu and Wet Leg.

PinkPantheress, who started out making GarageBand beats in her bedroom, keeps her identity a secret and only revealed her face recently. That secrecy helped to drive curiosity as to her story and sound. She found massive success on TikTok, echoing other fast-risen stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X. After signing to Parlophone records, her 2021 mixtape to hell with it has racked up millions of streams.

The winner of Sound of… is a good indicator of who is going to find success at the top of the UK music chart and beyond – previous winners include Adele and Sam Smith. Last year’s top artist was Pa Salieu and runner ups included Holly Humberstone.

The BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 top 5

BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 artist PinkPantheress

1. PinkPantheress

Winning artist PinkPatheress makes short, experimental tracks engineered for fast consumption; whilst challenging the ear with interesting sonic choices like vintage garage samples and simple but catchy breathy vocals.

BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 artist Wet Leg

2. Wet Leg

Wet Leg’s first two indie-pop singles were incredibly catchy, smart, and witty. The brand-new band’s highly anticipated eponymous debut album releases on April 8th, when fans and adoring critics alike hope there’ll be more gems in store.

BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 artist Mimi Webb

3. Mimi Webb

Mimi Webb’s single “Before I Go” first blew up on TikTok in 2020. Webb’s big voice and assured style mean she’s bound to keep on replicating the chart success of the debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak.

BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 artist Lola Young

4. Lola Young

Lola Young has a unique soulful voice and open, emotional songs. At the end of 2021 she recorded the song for the John Lewis Christmas advert, a British institution.

BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2022 artist Central Cee

5. Central Cee

Central Cee’s place on the list will cement his place as one of the most exciting new artists in UK drill. The independent rapper’s melodic flow and use of playful jazz samples have seen him win two MOBO Awards and earn a Best Newcomer nomination for the 2022 BRIT Awards.

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