On SoundCloud

The ever expanding SoundCloud has grown over the years from a platform for small artists and indie record labels to upload and share there tracks, to a necessity for all artists and labels to compete in the digital music age.
SoundCloud is currently the second largest music streaming service with 175 million monthly listeners. It lies between YouTube at first, and surpasses Spotify, despite not paying any artists royalties.

Until now, the site was ad free, offering artists the service for free (unless signed up to the premium models), in exchange for publicity. This is set to change with the introduction of ‘On SoundCloud’.

On SoundCloud is a new a new partner program for creators. Ads will be placed on premium holders accounts, revenue will be paid to SoundCloud, and a majority passed down to its creators.

It’s still in development and the Premium Partner model is invite only, but take a look around the site for an understanding of there next step.