Spotify says users can’t get enough of streaming popular Mexican music artists on the app.

Songs in Mexican music genres are booming on Spotify! New data shows the amount of Spotify users who listened to Mexican music increased by 56% between August 2021 and 2022.

The total number of Mexican music streams is 5.6 billion, which is double the number from back in 2019. This has not gone unnoticed by Spotify, who are celebrating popular Mexican music artists with the “México es imparable. Reprodúcelo.” campaign.

“Mexican music” is a broad term, and there are many subgenres that make up the genre. Growth has been seen across the board, with streams of corridos tumbados and sierreño music rising by a massive 72% and 71% respectively; corridos by 66%, and norteño by 50%.

The “México es imparable” campaign puts a spotlight on contemporary and more traditional music, featuring the likes of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme, and JuliónÁlvarez and Yahritza y su Esencia. Grupo Firme mix banda and norteño styles with modern rhythms, obliterating Latin stereotypes along the way.

Spotify linked a growth of listeners beyond Mexico discovering the region’s music to a rise in collaborations between Mexican artists and their international counterparts. 31,000 collaborations in a year, to be exact. Collabs breed success – see Bad Bunny joining with Natanael Cano on “Soy el Diablo” remix, which elevated Cano’s streams by 172% in the week after its release.

Alejandro Grajeda, Spotify Artist and Label Partnership Lead for Mexico, said: “Urban Latin music, in its expansion into the mainstream and the exploration of paths towards all kinds of genres, influenced Mexican music artists to make more collaborations.”

“The ability to find new audiences around the world, in addition to the data and best practices that Spotify for Artists offers, have served as a catalyst to accelerate these collaborations and contribute to the expansion of Mexican music.”

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