Image Credit: Zoom

The Zoom R12 MultiTrak is a portable 8-channel recording device and audio editing capabilities for recording at home or on the go.

As a downsized version of the Zoom R20, the Zoom R12 borrows some professional features from the original unit.

The Zoom R12 MultiTrak recording capabilities and portability

The Zoom R12 gives you two XLR/1/4″ jack combo inputs with +48V phantom power, individual gain controls, and ‘studio quality’ microphone preamps.

The ‘Hi-Z’ switch on input 1 allows you to connect electric guitars & basses directly.

Image Credit: Zoom

Furthermore, the R12 offers a total of 8 channels. You can utilize its intuitive touch screen to adjust audio routing and edit your audio too

For example, you can use the touch screen to drag & drop your audio clips and loop your recordings too. Then you can tap on a loop to copy or ‘split’ the clip.

Image Credit: Zoom

More editing features include time stretching and more detailed editing functionality.

All projects you record on the R12 will be saved directly onto SD cards – with a total of 1TB space.

Additionally, you can power the Zoom R12 via the included AC adapter, with 4 AA Batteries, or a USB power bank.

In addition to recording electric instruments or XLR mics, you can import audio files from an SD card or a USB stick. As a result, you can import your existing projects and samples seamlessly.

The R12 sports both a stereo headphone jack and L/R TS/TRS monitor outputs too. Then, you can determine whether to send your output to your headphones or headphones and speakers.

FM synthesizer, sounds, a sequencer, and effects

In addition to its recording capabilities, the Zoom R12 MultiTrak features an onboard FM synthesizer, a sequencer, internal effects, and a drum machine.

You can connect a MIDI keyboard via USB-C and take advantage of the 18 sounds available with the R12 MultiTrak’s FM synthesizer. Alternatively, you can program sequences on the touchscreen.

You’ll also find 150 different drum loops across 30 genres with the onboard drum machine. And each genre has 5 drum loops that account for a different part of a song such as a chorus, verse, and so on.

As for effects, you can load EQ, a compressor, and a gate onto input channels.

However, you can also send your audio through the Send Effects section where you can chain up to three different effects.

Here, you can select reverb, delay, chorus, or ‘Patch Memory’. Patch Memory gives you access to Zoom’s guitar effect collection with over 40 preset patches or create your own.

And The Zoom R12 MultiTrak offers panning and a 3-channel on each track, in addition to a compressor on inputs 1 and 2.

Finally, a new Sequence Play function is present where you can create project playlists that you can set to use as backing tracks.


The Zoom R12 Multitrak will be available to ship in the final quarter of 2022.

Although there is no price available yet, it will ship worldwide.

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