Mexico has been in the eyes of streaming services for years as one of the world’s biggest populations of music streaming lovers.

The people of Mexico have taken to music streaming like many around the world. The ability to listen to all the music you could want in an instant naturally spreads in popularity throughout the nation, even more-so than much of the rest of the world. The latest reports show that roughly 20 million people are streaming music in Mexico.

They are tipped by streaming services and analysts as one of the most important markets for music streaming in the world. Speaking to MusicAlly, Warner Music Mexico’s Managing Director, Tomás Rodríguez says: “That number [20m] is roughly evenly split between paying subscribers and those using advertising-supported tiers.”

In 2018 a huge majority, 86.2%, of Mexico’s recorded music industry revenues came from music streaming – $180.8 million for the year, reports Amprofon. With music streaming making up such a huge majority of the music consumption in Mexico, services have their eyes on Mexico and Spotify have called Mexico City ‘the world’s music-streaming Mecca’ with the most Spotify listeners in the world at the time.

Mexico was recorded as the 16th biggest music market in the world and the 12th for streaming for 2018. It is clear that music streaming is beloved there and it will surely only become more popular.