RouteNote is all about giving artists the controls they need to present their music online, exactly how and where they want it to be seen.

Get your music on all of the major stores, streaming services and social media platforms worldwide, or just one store in one country. When you upload your music to RouteNote for distribution, whether you choose Free or Premium, you choose the countries and stores you want to target.

RouteNote empowers independent artists, without the usual restriction that come with major record deals.

How to set up regional or worldwide music distribution

To get started, sign up to RouteNote, upload your music and artwork, input the metadata, then simply tick the stores and choose the territories you want to appear in.

Leave Territories empty to distribute worldwide, type the countries you’d like to include to specify a handful or territories, or choose Exclude these Territories in the drop-down to distribute worldwide except in the chosen countries.

A few days later, once your release has passed moderation, your music will start popping up in the desired stores and countries.

What are you waiting for? To take full control of your music, choose RouteNote for free music distribution.