Spotify have fixed one of many artists biggest gripes with the streaming service allowing them to easily customize the look of their artist pages on Spotify.

It’s been requested by artists for a long time and artists will now be able to easily edit their artist profile directly from the streaming platform. The update allows artists to change both their main profile picture as well as their header/cover photo.

The feature, which will be available to users of Spotify’s Fan Insights users, means all you will need to do to change your pictures is click a blue camera icon next to your artist name at the top of your dashboard. This launches the image editor inside the Spotify desktop app.

Spotify Fan Insight’s is available to artists and artist management and allows them to get info on their performance on Spotify as well as exclusive features available to artists. Fan Insights is currently in beta and you can sign up easily from here: Once you’ve connected your Fan Insights account with your Spotify profile you can change your images.

Spotify music streaming artist profile pages images edit customise

Spotify also added a couple of other features for Fan Insights users; You can now download your Fan Insights data as a .csv to share or import into an excel spreadsheet. You can also view the full past performance of all of your tracks by selecting “all-time” from the songs tab.