How to update your TIDAL artist image and biography

Once your music is live on TIDAL it’s time to make your profile personal and representative of you as an artist.

Once your music is live on TIDAL through RouteNote then you can change your artist image which appears on your artist page and comes up in search results for your music. You can also add a biography telling fans and new listeners a bit about yourself.

To update your image and artist bio once your music is live on TIDAL through RouteNote create a ticket at and send us the link to your artist profile as well as the image you want to use as your artist profile picture and/or your artist biography.

  • Artist images must be in .jpg format at a size of 1080×720 or 1000×1000 and they must be no larger than 10MB.
  • Biographies should be submitted as plain text or as a word document.

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