Tidal are increasing their high fidelity music offerings with a whole new range of exceptional sounding music for subscribers.

Since day one Tidal have prided their music streaming service on offering high definition audio for music lovers to stream anywhere. They have now added Dolby Atmos Music which promises some of the best quality music available and “moving audio” for a real, room-listening experience.

Dolby Atmos powered music promises a cinema sound experience from your smartphone direct into your headphones and quality speakers. Dolby Atmos creates a “moving sound” that is supposed to sound like the music is coming from all around you for a truer to life listening experience than just speakers in your ears.

Tidal’s HiFi tier of music streaming will now bring music from Universal and Warner Music artists who have been mixed with the pseudo-surround sound format. Unfortunately you will need a compatible Android smartphone or tablet to listen, including the Nokia 6, OnePlus 7 Pro, Razer Phone, Samsung Galaxy S10 and more.

Tidal are planning on working with artists to release more music with Dolby Atmos sound. They said in their press release that they are “working closely with its artist-owners, including Jay-Z, to mix their catalogues in Dolby Atmos – which are expected to become available in 2020.”

Tidal subscribers can look out for the Dolby logo and a Dolby Atmos identifier to find the compatible songs. The Explore tab also features a list of Dolby Atmos powered music that listeners can explore.