On top of distribution, RouteNote provide many extra tools to help users publish, monetize, promote and share their music across platforms for free.

Whether you distribute your music through RouteNote or not, we can help you earn revenue from your existing tracks on SoundCloud for free. What’s more, once your first track is monetized, your SoundCloud profile will automatically be upgraded to an Unlimited account free of charge, allowing you to upload limitless tracks. This is different from a Pro Unlimited account, you’ll have to subscribe for the extra features Pro Unlimited offers.

You are never locked in with RouteNote, if our service doesn’t work for you, you can leave at any time. Before uploading any music to RouteNote, please ensure you own exclusive rights to the tracks you’d like monetized.

Upload to RouteNote

  • Simply upload your music to RouteNote
  • Select what stores you’d like your music to be published to – be sure to select ‘SoundCloud’ here. If you already distribute your music with another distributor, just select the stores you’re not already on.
  • Choose whether you’d like Free Distribution or Premium Distribution. Free Distribution costs nothing, you keep 85% of the revenue generated. Premium costs a small fee for 100% of the revenue.

Enable your SoundCloud profile

  • Head to the SoundCloud Management page on RouteNote
  • Copy and paste your SoundCloud channel URL in the Profile URL box and click Submit
  • RouteNote will check your SoundCloud profile is valid and all being well enable your account within 72 hours. You’ll see the Status change to Active.
Enabling your SoundCloud profile

Monetize your tracks

  • Once you’ve uploaded your tracks to RouteNote and your SoundCloud profile is active, you’ll see your RouteNote uploads appear under Not Cleared for Monetizing. Copy the SoundCloud track URL of the song you’d like monetized, paste it into the box beside the corresponding RouteNote track. Tick the box and hit Update. The track will then move into Cleared for Monetizing.
Clearing tracks
  • Once your release has been approved by our moderation team (usually within 72 hours), our SoundCloud team will get to work verifying everything is ready to send to SoundCloud. SoundCloud will turn on monetization for the tracks. This should take no longer than two weeks for SoundCloud to process.
  • You see This track is monetizing once monetization has been turned on by SoundCloud
This track is monetizing

If you’d like to upload a private track, you’ll need to omit the private extension code at the end of the URL when you submit the track. Please let our team know that you’ve done this, by providing your full SoundCloud link (with the extension) and track ISRC so they can push your release through verification: soundcloud@routenote.com. This is a great way to ensure monetization is active from day one.

For any help with anything SoundCloud, if you’ve been waiting over 14 days for tracks to become monetized, or if you’d like to remove yourself from our SoundCloud Network, email our SoundCloud team: soundcloud@routenote.com. Let them know your track ISRC and SoundCloud URL.

More information can be found here.