With RouteNote distribution, getting your music on Spotify (and many other online music stores and streaming services) is not only easy and fast, it’s also completely free.

At RouteNote, our mission is to help independent artists and labels share their music worldwide, grow a fanbase and earn revenue for every play, stream and purchase along-the-way.

Simply head to RouteNote, upload your tracks, select the stores and streaming services you want to distribute your music to, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL and many more, then once our moderation team has taken a listen and checked for any mistakes, we’ll get your music published to the selected services a few days later.

The fun doesn’t stop at music distribution, RouteNote can also help you earn royalties elsewhere. On the stores selection page, click YouTube Content ID, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud or TikTok to monetize your musical content on these platforms.

Our partner site PUSH.fm provides all artists with simple tools to help them promote their release. Fan Links gives you one landing page that outlinks to all of the stores, streaming services and social media platforms that host your music. Pre-saves are a way of sharing links to your music prior to release day. Content Unlocks allows you to reward fans for social actions.

RouteNote Free distribution is free of any fees or recurring costs. The artists keeps 85% of all revenue. RouteNote Premium allows the artist to keep 100% of the revenue for a small fee. That’s it! Unlike other distributors, there are no other limited features locked to paying users only.

When you upload and distribute your music with RouteNote, you retain 100% of the rights to your music at all times. We will never keep your music behind locked doors and you can takedown your music from stores at any time. Switching between RouteNote Free and RouteNote Premium for any of your releases is as easy as clicking a switch.