Our friends over at PUSH.fm have just introduced templates to Reward Links and Competitions, providing link assistance and inspiration.

Our partner site PUSH.fm offers artists, content creators, and businesses marketing tools to help users promote their work online. There are five key tools available on PUSH.fmSmart Links, Pre-saves, Pay Links, Reward Links, and Competitions. When you create a Smart Link, there are several templates to choose from, that help you set-up the link you want and can provide fresh inspiration if you’re short on ideas. Now, templates are coming to Reward Links and Competitions too.

Reward Links allow you to treat fans to exclusive content for completing various actions online. For example, pre-saving an upcoming track, sharing a post, and following your social profiles, may unlock a digital gift, such as a ticket discount code or exclusive unreleased music. Find out more about Reward Links here.

Competitions are similar to Reward Links, but instead, completing actions earns fans entries into a giveaway. For example, pre-saving an upcoming track, sharing a post, and following your social profiles, could earn your fan three entries into a giveaway. Find out more about Competitions here.

With this latest update, Reward Links and Competitions are still fully customizable, but templates make it easier than ever to create a link from scratch.

Reward Link templates

When creating a Reward Link, users can choose between the following templates.

Competition templates

When creating a Competition, users can choose between the following templates.

Templates on PUSH.fm make it even easier to create the link of your dreams, or use templates to come up with new ways to boost your presence online. If you prefer things how they were or just want full control, you can choose Blank Template on Reward Links or Competitions to set a link up from scratch. There’s never been a better time to explore all that PUSH.fm has to offer.

You can create unlimited Reward Links, Smart Links, Pre-saves, and Pay Links today, free of charge. Click here to sign up.

Competitions are a Premium-only feature. A $5 per month PUSH.fm Premium account unlocks unlimited Competitions, Meta Pixel integration, custom backgrounds, more account storage, and Pre-save email access. Click here to subscribe.