How to upload unlimited music to SoundCloud from a computer or phone for free

A guide to uploading music to SoundCloud from the mobile app or computer once you’ve received complimentary unlimited uploads from RouteNote.

How to distribute music independently for free

Going at it alone in the music scene may seem a daunting task, but RouteNote simplifies the distribution and marketing side.

How to stream music on Spotify at maximum quality

By default, Spotify Free and Premium subscribers aren’t getting the best sound quality possible from their music.

How to filter your Spotify Liked Songs by genre or mood

Spotify are rolling out a handy new feature that allows you to simply tap a genre or mood to filter your Liked Songs playlist.

How to upload your own music or sound effects to Synchedin

While anyone can apply to upload sound effects, currently music submissions on Synchedin are invite-only.

How to distribute your own music

Getting your music on services such as Spotify and Apple Music is free and easier than you realise when you use RouteNote for distribution.

Upload your music to TikTok for free

Getting your music on TikTok’s ‘Sounds’ is super easy and free with RouteNote.

How to add my music to Spotify

With RouteNote distribution, getting your music on Spotify (and many other online music stores and streaming services) is not only easy and fast, it’s also completely free.

YouTube are testing a new ‘Clips’ feature to help you share small segments of videos

YouTube have started rolling out a Twitch-like ‘Clips’ feature, allowing creators and viewers to share 5-60 second segments from any upload or stream.

How to create a public Apple Music profile and follow friends

Here’s how to create an Apple Music profile, find contacts/Facebook friends and share your profile via computer or the iPhone app. To customize your Apple Music artist page, click here. See what music your friends…