How to choose the right music distribution service for you: RouteNote and Amuse services and offerings compared.

RouteNote and Amuse are two of the world’s most popular music streaming services. Both of them offer worldwide distribution to many of the world’s top streaming services, so which is better?

We’ll be taking a look at the big difference between the two services first. Use the table of contents below to jump to the section that interests you the most.

Free music distribution for independent artists

RouteNote offers free music distribution to all artists. Distributing for free with RouteNote doesn’t restrict artists’ access to any of their services, allowing artists to distribute to all territories around the world and through all of their partner services at no cost.

Amuse does not offer free distribution. Amuse ended their Smart tier in March 2024 which originally offered artists a free distribution option. Since dropping Amuse Start, the major difference between Amuse and RouteNote is the lack of free options for users on Amuse.

RouteNote’s free offering provides artists of all sizes with a fantastic solution to getting their music out there on the top services without a barrier to entry. Artists and labels who distribute their releases on RouteNote for free keep 85% of the revenues that they make.

Paid music distribution: Amuse and RouteNote prices compared

RouteNote and Amuse work slightly differently in how their paid offerings work. RouteNote operates on a per-release basis, allowing users to choose with every release whether they want to distribute for free or pay for Premium. Amuse on the other hand operates two different yearly subscriptions that work on an account rather than release basis.

RouteNote Premium offers artists distribution to all of their partner stores around the world whilst keeping 100% of the revenues they make. It is priced based on the size of the release: Singles cost $10, EPs cost $20, albums cost $30, and extended albums cost $45. It is then only $9.99 after 12 months to keep the same release on Premium, no matter the size.

As RouteNote users can choose from release to release and are able to switch between Free and Premium any time, artists have the flexibility to always choose the best option for them at the time and dependent on their release.

Amuse offers two subscriptions: Boost and Pro. They both offer unlimited releases, however Pro comes with some extra features such as the ability to distribute multiple artist profiles. Boost costs a minimum of $19.99 a year (though this price may vary depending on territory) and Pro costs $59.99 a year.

As stated, Amuse do not offer free music distribution. The features offered at $59.99 through Amuse on Pro come standard with RouteNote, whether you’re a Free or Premium user. RouteNote users can upload as many artists as they like with one account, making it a great solution for labels and collectives as well as independent artists.

How long does it take Amuse and RouteNote to distribute your songs?

RouteNote aims to moderate your releases within 72 hours. If it is approved then your release will begin to appear on your chosen stores within a few days.

Amuse advertises a 5-14 day release schedule for artists who pay for Boost. Artists on their Pro tier can expect a slightly quicker period of 2-10 days for release.

Which stores do Amuse and RouteNote distribute to?

Both RouteNote and Amuse distribute to major music services and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, TikTok, SoundCloud, and many more. There are a number of big services which RouteNote are partnered with that Amuse do no currently work with.

Stores which RouteNote work with that Amuse do not:

Stores which Amuse work with that RouteNote do not:

  • Soundtrack Your Brand
  • Audiomack

RouteNote are constantly partnering with new stores and services. When we add a new partner, they always become immediately available to all artists regardless of whether they pay for Premium or distribute for Free.

How to switch to RouteNote from Amuse?

If you wish to transfer your music library to RouteNote from Amuse then here’s how you can do so easily whilst retaining your music streaming data and ensuring your music stays live.

  1. Reupload your music to RouteNote using the same audio data and UPC and ISRC codes
  2. Wait for your music to be approved and go live on stores, checking that the track-linking has worked
  3. Once confirmed, request your releases to be taken down from Amuse with assurance that your music is remaining available and earning revenue with the same stats as before

Using the same UPC and ISRC codes ensure your data is consistent and that your tracks remain in any playlists.

Amuse or RouteNote: Which is better?

Which service suits you better will depend on the size and scope of your music career. With a free offering that can be changed at any time, we feel RouteNote’s flexibility and our lack of barrier to entry offers artists of all sizes better potential.

With the ability to add any number of artists to your account whether distributing for Free and Premium we are also the better option for labels and music collectives. Labels can also get in touch at to find out about our All Access tier, offering tailor-made deals for independent record labels.

What are you waiting for, click here to sign up to RouteNote, upload your tracks and get started sharing your music with new fans around the world.