Image: Spotify for Artists

Get to know your music fans better with access to more analytics on the Spotify for Artists desktop dashboard.

Spotify for Artists has just added two new desktop dashboard views: Release Details and Audience Engagement tabs.

The new analytics make tracking the performance of your releases clearer and more detailed – which will ultimately help you take your music to new heights.

New Release Details page

The update brings with it an improved layout of release stats. If you head to the Music tab of the dashboard and then Releases you’ll see that metrics have been added that show data per listener for any of your releases.

You can click on any release, album or song to see a bunch of data such as number of listeners, total streams, total saves, and how many streams per listener over a set amount of time. From that you can work out what worked and what didn’t from promotional campaigns of your release.

Audience Engagement Stats

The Audience tab meanwhile now has an Engagement section with new metrics to help you spot any listening trends that spread across your whole collection of released tracks.

Knowing how people are reacting to your music is just as important as knowing how often they’re streaming it, so there’s new sections to show you numbers of playlist adds and saves. You can see useful information like the average amount of times listeners have been streaming your songs.

Spotify for Artists is rolling out the new sections on desktop only. Head to your dashboard to see if you’ve got access. The update will help to show you what your listeners respond well to, and lead to you understanding your fans a little better.

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