All of the advantages with Spotify for Artists to help promote and advance your music in a digital first market.

If you’re publishing music in 2020, you simply cannot turn your back on the 280+ million listeners in 75 markets that Spotify currently hold. Spotify for Artists is the tool built to advance your music on the platform. Any artist currently distributing to Spotify can claim their profile for free here. Here are all the features:

Playlisting & Promotion

Spotify want to help you find your next fan. Spotify’s playlists can make an independent artist in 2020. You can submit to Spotify’s editorial playlists and algoritm driven personalized playlists such as Discover Weekly, Daily Mix and Release Radar through Spotify for Artists. Here’s what their editors are looking out for and how to submit.

Ad Studio – Create interactive audio ads that play between tracks for Spotify Free users.

Marquee – Pop-up ‘new release’ ads for listeners who like your music.

Expression & Connection

Profile tools lets you customize your bio and profile photo. Artist Pick and featured playlists lets you choose a release or playlist to feature at the top of you profile, or even add a fundraising link.

Canvas – short looping visuals, sharable on Instagram Stories. Only available to select artists.

Data & Analytics

Get in-depth with stats with all the numbers you need that detail exactly how you’re performing, how you’re being discovered and where you audience is. Real-time stats lets you see player by player for new releases

Data and Analytics
Teams & Collaboration

Musicians, labels, managers and more can all collaborate on one Spotify for Artists page. This brings everyone together with assignable roles for each users.

SoundBetter – Easily find and hire music producers right within Spotify for Artists to work on your next track.

Publishing Analytics – gives everyone including songwriters and publishers stats, including streams via cover versions and remixes.

Download Spotify for Artists on the App Store, Google Play Store, or claim your profile online.