Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify for Artists Marquee campaigns have just arrived for all music artists, labels and managers in the US.

Marquee is a marketing tool for artists on Spotify, appearing as a full-screen, pop-up advertisement recommending an artist’s new release.

You can use Spotify Marquees to announce a new album, single, or EP. Spotify has just opened Marquees up to artists, managers and labels across the US.

The adverts target existing fans and casual listeners, but also potential listeners with similar taste that Spotify thinks will enjoy your new release, helping your music reach the right ears on both Spotify Premium and Free.

The campaigns also have a positive effect on an artist’s other releases, with Spotify noting that listeners who click through on a Marquee are three times more likely to stream other older releases, not just any new promoted tracks.

Marquees target users as soon as they open the app. The advert is especially effective at attracting the attention of lapsed listeners who might not have listened to your music in a while.

Spotify says Marquee is a better use of your budget than for example investing in social media advertising. Analytics let you see exactly how many people have clicked through from a Marquee and listened to your release.

If you’re eligible to create a Marquee a Campaigns tab will have appeared in your Spotify for Artists dashboard. You must have had over 15,000 US streams in the last 28 days with the US as your billing country.

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