Which new pop artists are rising in the world of music this year? Here are 6 up and coming pop singers to discover in 2023.

What does the pop music landscape look like as 2023 begins, and which emerging new popular artist should you keep your eye on throughout the year?

The big stars, of course, include Taylor Swift, who dominated the charts at the end of 2022 with her surprise album drop, and the biggest name in Latin pop, Bad Bunny, whose release Un Verano Sin Ti became the most-played album on Spotify.

Hoping to become household names alongside them are a new generation of exciting new artists on the rise. Read on to meet six pop artists to watch in 2023.

Lana Lubany

Palestinian-American singer Lana Lubany’s track “THE SNAKE,” in which she switches coolly between English and Arabic, was a TikTok viral smash. What’s next for Lubany? She’s excitably planning an EP to share more of her stylish songs with her eagerly waiting fans.


DYLAN’s music features bubblegum guitars, the defiance of Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, and shoutable choruses. She’ll be building on the success of The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn, an album filled with tracks about knowing your worth.


A Palestinian-Canadian who writes beautiful songs as well as creating content that across multiple media outlets, Nemahsis has been beloved on TikTok for a couple of years now as much for her activism as her music. 2023 will see her tour the US and Canada and continue to court the spotlight whilst elegantly avoiding gimmickry.

Bloody Civilian

Nigerian musician and producer Bloody Civilian makes politically charged pop that defies categorisation, and she started off age 12 recording herself using Audacity. In 2023 she’ll keep riding the waves generated by her track “Wake Up ft. Rema” exploding when it was included on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack.


Previously a songwriter for the likes of Dua Lipa and Little Mix, Kamille now writes pop hits for herself. She’ll be building on the momentum from 2022 single “weight loss.”

Benson Boone

Get familiar with Benson Boone’s powerful, passionate voice, because chances are you’ll be hearing it a lot in 2023. Named as one of Shazam’s ones to watch for 2023, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter’s music is similar to Lewis Capaldi.

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