Shazam have announced their predictions for this year, with a playlist of fifty artists thought to make it big in 2023.

Shazam publish their annual Predictions 2023. Shazam’s Predictions are worth paying attention to. Around half of the artists featured in last year’s predictions went on to feature in their top 200 national charts and Apple Music’s Daily 100 charts.

A new landing page on Apple Music highlights five artists Shazam thinks will have a breakthrough 2023. Here you can also find five artists who are making noise locally.

Ice Spice

“I think being from the Bronx has shaped who I am as an artist.” Ice Spice tells Apple Music. Makes sense: If you’ve heard “Munch (Feelin’ U)”, the 22-year-old rapper’s breakthrough single, you’ve heard her dizzying new update on New York drill, a sample-less takedown that swaps aggression for deadpan and fun. Since it dropped in August, the track has been a mainstay on Shazam’s Hip-Hop/Rap chart, peaking at No. 11. Don’t be surprised if the world’s still talking about her in 2023. “I just wanna keep growing my fanbase and make hits.” she says.

Rosa Linn

“I think my Armenian heritage and culture being at the forefront of my identity as an artist is something that sets me apart,” Rosa Linn tells Apple Music. “I write and speak in three languages-English, Armenian, Russian-and I approach my music and songwriting through these three different lenses and prisms.” With “SNAP” the Armenian Eurovision entrant delivered one of the 100 most Shazamed songs of 2022, a devastating, folk-informed English-language break-up tune that first found an audience on TikTok. “I want to make an incredible debut record in 2023,” she says. “I want to use music as the vehicle by which I promote my Armenian culture and heritage and bring it to the forefront of the mainstream.”


“I’ve always wanted to make music people can relate to in any situation-whether that’s to get through a break-up, to turn up at a party or to vibe out on the couch at home,” charlieonnafriday tells Apple Music. “I love to improve the lives of others through my music and give them good energy, and that’s always influenced me as an artist.” That’s exactly what the 19-year-old Seattle native did in 2022 with “Enough”, an inspiring pop-rap hybrid that made a mark on Shazam charts in 40 countries. It’s all about removing negativity from your life. “I’m actually doing the stuff that I write about,” he says. “It’s not just for the music-it’s my actual life.”

Young Miko

Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko started to make a mark on Latin trap in 2021 with a cocktail of razor-sharp barbs, unrepentant desire and heavyweight co-signs from the likes of Bad Bunny. In 2022, she hit the Shazam charts with “Riri”, a viral highlight from her debut EP, TRAP KITTY. “It felt like such a fresh breath of air, because most of the project feels pretty dark,” she told Apple Music of the song just before the EP’s release. “We just wanted something really happy and bouncy and enjoyable in there. I describe myself as a rainbow. There’s every colour in me, and I don’t want to be just one colour. My mind can’t work that way.”

Benson Boone

“I want to be a part of everything,” Benson Boone tells Apple Music of his artistic process. “Creating the physical artwork, writing the song, producing the song-all of it.” A contestant on American Idol in 2021, the rising pop singer-songwriter spent 2022 burning up the Shazam charts with “In the Stars” and “GHOST TOWN”, a pair of piano-driven ballads (also heartbreakers) that each garnered more than a million Shazams. And though the Washington State native says he aims to one day sell out Madison Square Garden in New York, his ambitions are a bit bigger than that. “I want to inspire people,” he says. “I want people to leave my concerts feeling more driven than they felt when they walked in. That will forever be my goal.”

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