Start your new year off with a bang with Karanyi Sounds’ new software bundle. The five software tools include four instruments and one DSP plugin, and over 220 presets await you inside 2GB of sample content.

Karanyi Sounds have released a brand new software bundle to celebrate their best products of 2022. The custom bundle features some of the developer’s best-selling products and some customer favorites too. The five instruments available in the bundle are Lofi Keys, Polyscape 2, Wavesynth Glow, Wavesynth Pitch Black, Poly Space FX.

Lofi Keys

Lofi Keys gives you the classic Lofi sound wrapped in a simple user interface. The instrument lets you play with 8 iconic electric pianos and analog synths, including the award-winning Blüthner acoustic piano, all of which have been resampled on vintage tape players, cassettes, and VHS players.

As a result, Lofi Keys can create some cozy, warm sounds for Lo-fi beats, add “lush-sounding hybrid soundscapes” to scores, and more with over 40 different sound sources on two sound slots!

Furthermore, you can combine these sounds and create your own tone and use onboard creative effects and five different VHS, tape & vinyl noises with a total of five noise layers! And you can further control the shape of your sound with intuitive onboard controls.

Polyscape 2

Polyscape is a sample-based Kontakt instrument with a collection of 40 synth modules and over 90+ presets to play with. The synth modules of Polyscape are “full-length sampled synthesizer patches”, and the developer has divided them into 8 subcategories.

Polyscape is a lush-sounding software instrument that’s capable of producing delicious soundscapes and warm synth sounds. In fact, the library contains handcrafted patches from 9 analog synths such as Moogs, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, and Nord Lead! So the sample synth shows what it’s made of when “creating subtle moving sublayers for any kind of music or extraordinary, long, grand, floating soundscapes”.

Wavesynth Glow & Pitch Black

Wavesynth Glow is a wavetable soft synth primarily designed for pop music. It comes packed with a number of artists’ presets ranging from basses, plucks, leads, and keys, and Karanyi was inspired to make the instrument by artists like Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and more.

The intuitive user interface gives you access to over 60 MIDI-learnable parameters and it even offers a built-in intelligent randomizer. The result is a synth where you can create inspiring sounds quickly with its 14 types of wavetable algorithms, 2 LFO, amp & wavetable envelopes!

In contrast, Wavesynth Pitch Black is the “black sheep of the flock”. With the same user interface, Pitch Black lets you “dive deep into the dirt and explore the 50+ bass-heavy artist presets”.

Poly Space FX

Poly Space FX is an ambient reverb plugin “combining pristine DSP algorithms and vivid impulse responses” that allows you to add luscious reverbs to your music.

It may deceive you as a simple plugin with just two controls, but Poly Space is a powerful plugin. The complex workhorse under the hood allows you to transform your reverb sound from gentle to huge, while the Longitude control lets you smoothen and longer the sounds.


You can get all five of these instruments now for $99 until January 16th, while the regular value is $265.

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