These new top EDM artists are making the next big dance music songs you’ll be hearing more and more of in 2023 – from drum and bass to new garage music beats.

Looking for some exciting new electronic music to start off your year? You’re in luck.

Of all the music communities in 2023, it feels like rising EDM artists and dance music fans are the ones who have most joyfully embraced the reopening of venues post-pandemic and really enjoyed reuniting with their friends on the floor.

There’s a global passionate feeling of embracing shared experiences with renewed fervour, and new music coming out of the dance scene is full of confidence, across subgenres and different dance communities. Plus, EDM seems to be embracing the mainstream more and more.

Here are seven new electronic artists rising through the scene in 2023.


Upon its release, Waleed’s UK garage-influenced track “Se Rompen” was discovered by Floating Points and Four Tet. The elusive producer’s sound draws from his Iraqui-Puerto Rican heritage. Signed to City Slang last year, look out for more releases with an emotional core that embraces both the highs and the lows.

Piri & Tommy

Youthful duo Piri & Tommy spent 2022 cheerfully racking up hundreds of thousands of views and streams of their accessible DnB-pop. Stylishly packaged and smoothly executed, look out for these two bopping into the mainstream.

Chloé Caillet

Meet DJ and producer Chloé Caillet. A lover of collaboration, with a Beck remix under her belt, she spent 2022 touring the US and Europe.


One of DJ Mag’s artists to watch in 2023, Shubostar is DJ and producer making disco beats with a retro computer game feel. She’s travelled the world throughout the last few years, rising through the DJ world too, and looks set to keep going in 2023.


18-year-old producer-rapper skaiwater went big on TikTok and released his EP Rave towards the end of 2022. The UK rapper mostly produces all his own tracks, and in 2022 he’ll keep building a career that has seen him gain famous fans like Lil Nas X.

Dawn to Dawn

Dawn to Dawn are a trio made up of Montreal dance music group THE BEAT ESCAPE and lead singer Tess Roby, who has been making folk-hued electronica since her 2018 debut album Beacon. The resulting union brought forth a 2022 debut album, Postcards From The Sun To The Moon, filled with immersive synth-led dance-pop.


Raved about by everyone from Billboard to Pete Tong, TSHA’s energetic and intelligent LP Capricorn Sun was released in October 2022 to critical acclaim. “Dancing in the Shadows” has over two million Spotify streams. TSHA’s star is practically risen already – but if you don’t know her, you will soon.

Looking for new music in different genres? Check out these lists of rising artists in 2023:

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