Stream SoundCloud on Google Chromecast, now on iOS

What’s even better than listening to your favourite music? Listening to it on your favourite speakers, which SoundCloud have just made more possible through Chromecast.

SoundCloud have added the ability to cast your music from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast from your iOS device. Google Casting from SoundCloud was already available on Android but SoundCloud say they have “made it even better and extended the experience to include iOS devices”.

From now on users will be able to stream their entire catalog through Chromecast on TV or Chromecast Audio to their speakers with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. SoundCloud have made it possible to share playback so that multiple users can control the stream simultaneously, allowing you to team up on your playlists.

Alongside the Google Cast integration SoundCloud have also upgraded both their iOS and Android mobile apps to “provide a consistent and streamlined experience.” Update your iOS app now to stream all the music you want from SoundCloud to your TV and speakers.

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