Paid SoundCloud reposts, what are they really worth?

Paying for reposts and promotion on SoundCloud could lead to loads more plays and followers, or it could lead to nothing – what’s really going on with them?

The following quotes are taken from an excellent, in-depth post by Budi Voogt. Go read his full article on SoundCloud Reposts here:

For beginning artists, the SoundCloud scene and ‘repost trading game’ may be hard to penetrate. Big channels prefer trading with big channels. At the same time, the offering of paid promotion is increasing, making it easy for artists to resort to paying for their reposts.

It turns out that followers are not the best indicator for how many plays you can expect to get from a repost.

The value of a repost is directly linked to the nature and behavior of the reposting SoundCloud channel. How often they upload, repost and who their audience comprises of are all impacting factors.

As the SoundCloud trading atmosphere is like the Wild West, these findings can help you better choose your repost partners, as well as better estimate the value of a paid promotional offer.

The average repost only generates plays equal to 3-4% of that channel’s following.

Both the frequency with which you repost (and upload), the quality of the material you repost and the degree with which it aligns with your audience’s tastes, impact your audience’s engagement.


View the full report and investigation where Budi investigates the trends between reposting and engagement, how to tell if a channel will really return any results, and what you can do to make sure you’re getting your SoundCloud tracks heard by the right people. 

Read Budi Voogt’s full article here:

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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