Image Credit: Spotify

Users can now listen to songs on Spotify with lyrics for the first time.

Now you can sing along confidentially to songs on Spotify, with lyrics available for the first time drifting along on the app in time to the song. By putting Musixmatch on Spotify for Free and Premium subscribers the streaming service has made it easy for users to check a misheard lyric, analyse the meaning of a song’s words or have a full-on karaoke session.

Previously only available in select regions, all subscribers around the world can now see Spotify lyrics on mobile, desktop, and on the Spotify TV app. You can scroll through the whole song or share a favourite line on social platforms.

How to see Spotify lyrics

Song lyrics on Spotify mobile.

You can get Spotify lyrics on iPhone or Android using the Spotify mobile app.

Tap the Now Playing bar as the song plays.

From the bottom of the screen swipe up to bring up the lyrics page.

Image Credit: Spotify

For lyrics on Spotify desktop, look for the microphone icon on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the window.

Click to open the synchronized lyric screen.

Image Credit: Spotify

To get lyrics on Spotify TV, open up the Now Playing View in the SpotifyTV app. The lyrics button is in the right corner – enable Lyrics. Lyrics will now show up in the Now Playing View.

In the near future lyrics will be available on games consoles like PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One consoles, as well as for Android TV like FireTV, Samsung, LG, Roku, Comcast and Sky.

Users could already search by lyric on the platform. Spotify says lyrics are now available for most of the tracks in its library.

With this feature it’s playing catch up to other streaming apps – synchronized lyrics have been on Apple Music for some time, plus the ability to share specific lines, and Deezer also has lyrics available.