How to start selling merch

Good artist merchandising is one of the pillars of becoming a successful music artist. We’ve pulled together six useful ideas for how to sell merch as an artist.

How Spotify’s Fan Study can inform your next release

By analyzing data across Spotify, Fan Study shows creators how fans around the world listen to and discover music online.

Spotify launch Fan Study, 15 new insights to help artists and teams with their Reach, Engagement, Release and Merch

By analyzing data across Spotify, Fan Study is an interactive site that provides key insights to help artists grow and connect with fans.

TikTok could soon be adding shopping to app

Options for in-app shopping are being tested by TikTok, letting brands sell merchandise directly from the platform.

LiveXLive to acquire Custom Personalization Solutions as they plan to expand into merchandise

Music streaming and live events platform LiveXLive are to acquire 100% of Illinois-based online merch and gift company Custom Personalization Solutions. LiveXLive are looking to expand into the merch business with their latest acquisition of…

TikTok partner with Teespring to integrate creator merch directly in the app

E-commerce platform Teespring team up with short video app TikTok for creators to offer apparel without having to leave the app. Teespring makes selling merchandise easy for creators. Simply create a design from their templates,…

Forbes share the top 7 earning creators on TikTok

Forbes list the highest earning TikTokers, all estimated to have generated over $1 million in one year on the platform. While there’s no traditional payment from TikTok to its creators (as with YouTube), top followed…

Artists will soon be able to sell merch on Instagram

Instagram are updating their shopping options so that new creators and businesses will be able to sell through the social media app. Instagram are launching a new set of guidelines which allow a host of…

How to set up a Content Unlock on – A step-by-step guide

Content Unlocks are a great way for you to engage with your fans like never before. Offer free downloads, wallpapers, secret links, event tickets, coupon codes, merch and more, in exchange for social actions. With…

Push.FM’s new feature lets you give fans exclusive access to content in exciting new ways

Artists can let fans unlock merch, secret links, exclusive music and more with brand new Content Unlock campaigns on Push.FM. Push.FM has just launched an exciting new feature that connects artists and fans in an…