Image Credit: Pinterest

Even Pinterest has Stories now. The platform’s new Idea Pins let creators add pages of videos to their profile, with voiceovers and music.

Pinterest has introduced new tool Idea Pins to the platform. Idea Pins are multi-slide videos – a sort of cross between Instagram Stories and TikTok, as the videos are permanent. New publishing features mean Pinterest creators with a business account can add stickers, tag people and topics, and add music to the short videos.

Idea Pins evolved from the Story Pins which have been in beta testing since September 2020. Story Pins were a more basic version of the new feature, which releases now in a more detailed format with better editing elements after feedback from the beta testers. Story Pins aimed to focus on business account owners showing their creative processes and product creation, rather than on their everyday lives like in Stories on other social media platforms.

With voiceover recording, creators can add speech to the videos. Pinterest said Idea Pins can be used to show the creative process from first spark to testing out the idea, which sounds a lot more like the scrappy nature of TikTok than the stylised idea boards of Pinterest.

Image Credit: Pinterest

For musicians active on Pinterest, Idea Pins might mean showing song tutorials, or breaking down the process of making a beat. The inclusion of “detail pages” where creators can put further information about the videos could be used to share lyrics or chord sheets.

Evan Sharp, Co-Founder, Chief Design and Creative Officer at Pinterest, said: “From creators to hobbyists to publishers, Pinterest is a place where anyone can publish great ideas and discover inspiring content. With Idea Pins, creators are empowered to share their passions and inspire and grow their audiences. By helping people on Pinterest spark creativity, try new things, build confidence, and be themselves, we believe creators are truly helping with our mission of bringing inspiration to create a life you love.”

Image Credit: Pinterest

“Pinners,” as Pinterest users are referred to on the app, can interact with the Idea Pins and save them like normal Pins. The new feature can contain up to 20 pages of videos, each up to 60 seconds long. Music for use on the Pins comes from a royalty-free music catalogue by Epidemic Sound.

In due course product tagging will apparently be added to add a shopping experience to Idea Pins. Idea Pins will also contain a sharing option so Pins can be exported as a video with the Pinterest watermark, to drive traffic both across social media and back to their Pinterest profile.

Idea Pins rolled out immediately to Pinterest business account users in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US.