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Spotify for Artists’ Year in Music: Wrapped microsite is a new interactive journey through the collective wins that artists had in 2021.

After revealing listener and artists’ streaming numbers earlier this month with 2021 Wrapped and Wrapped for Artists, Spotify are back with more bonus Wrapped content. The Year in Music: Wrapped microsite provides an interactive year-in-review with additional data on the artist community as a whole, such as artists’ top artists, the year’s biggest gainers, artists’ top throwback tracks and more.

Head to The Year in Music: Wrapped for more data such as the fastest growing genre in different countries around the world.

Image Credit: Spotify

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The Artists’ Artists

Spotify also analysed the number of streams from artists and their teams too. Below, in no particular order, are the 10 women and men that artists listened to more than consumers did this year.

Most listened-to women by Spotify for Artists users

Most listened-to men by Spotify for Artists users

Artists’ Top Songs of the Decades

Spotify artists rewound the clock to stream some classic tracks from years gone by. Here are the songs from every decade that artists listened to the most in 2021.

Biggest Gainers

New artists are discovered everyday on Spotify. In no particular order, here are the top ten artists, with at least one million monthly listeners, who saw the most astronomical percentage growth in listeners year-over-year.

CJ: Biggest Gainers


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