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Your 2021 Wrapped for Artists is waiting for you, even if you haven’t yet claimed for Spotify for Artists account.

Earlier this week Spotify dropped their 2021 Wrapped, a personalized story of all your listening milestones in the app. Alongside this, Spotify also published lists of the most-streamed music and podcasts globally. The yearly Wrapped is also when Spotify for Artists provide creators with an individualized microsite, detailing all of the ways their fans have listened this year. 2021 Wrapped for Artists is a great way to connect with your fanbase and share your highlights from the year.

The microsite shares intel on your major milestones and biggest gains, new countries streamed in, insight into your fanbase and more. You’ll find stats like the increase in followers, information showing the journey of your top track, as well as the total streams, listeners and playlist adds, plus the total number of hours streamed, top listeners and shares. Artists can also find their Audio Aura, which is based on elements of your artwork and sonics, your Thowback Track, which shows your top catalog track that is still streaming strong, and a list of all your collaborators in 2021.

This year’s Wrapped for Artists comes with a few new surprises too. Spotify partnered with Shopify back in October to make selling merchandise on your artist profile easier. Spotify are now bringing this experience to Wrapped, highlighting items for sale to your biggest fans. If you’ve connected your Shopify store and have at least one merch item listed, fans who see you as a top artist will be emailed a link over the next few week to shop your merch. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already linked the two, it’s too late to get in on the emails, however you can sign up to Shopify today with a 90-day free trial and Printful is currently offering 30% off your first two orders.

Secondly is global share cards. Generate share cards with your Wrapped achievements in 2021 for socials. Not only can share cards be personalized with several colour options, but now you can also translate them into 31 different languages for artists whose fanbase spans the globe. Include #2021ArtistWrapped and @Spotify in the caption, and if you’re a RouteNote artist, tag us too. We love seeing and sharing your highlights.

How to view your 2021 Wrapped for Artists

Anyone with at least three listeners between January 1st and October 31st can see their 2021 Wrapped for Artists, even if you haven’t yet claimed your Spotify for Artists account:

  1. Log in or claim your Spotify for Artists account on the web or mobile
  2. Click the Wrapped banner from your dashboard to access your 2021 Wrapped for Artists
  3. Click the share or download icons to the right
  4. Create a link to share with your team

How to translate your Wrapped

The Wrapped website defaults to the language in your location. To change this:

  1. Click the bottom right corner to see other locations and languages
  2. Select your desired location or language
  3. A share card with the new languages will be available at the bottom of your Wrapped page

Check out Spotify’s infographic below showing the growth of Artist Wrapped since its launch five years ago.

Image Credit: Spotify

Podcasters can also find their Wrapped here.

The first step to Wrapped for Artists is of course getting your music on Spotify. This is free and easy with RouteNote.