Over 100 billion hours of music were streamed on Spotify in 2021, plus more artist stats

Spotify for Artists’ Year in Music: Wrapped microsite is a new interactive journey through the collective wins that artists had in 2021.

How to view and share your Spotify 2021 Wrapped for Artists

Your 2021 Wrapped for Artists is waiting for you, even if you haven’t yet claimed for Spotify for Artists account.

Spotify’s most streamed artists, songs, albums, podcasts and more, globally of 2021

As 2021 Wrapped summarises user’s unique tastes, Spotify also unveil the most streamed music and podcasts around the world over the last year

How to view your past Spotify Wrapped

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Spotify Podcast Listeners Are Predicted To Top Apple’s For The First Time In 2021

It’s a gamble that Spotify investors have been waiting to pay off and it’s looking like it may be about to in 2021 and beyond.

There’s An AI That Will Judge Your Spotify

Get ready to have your whole musical world shattered by this judgemental AI.

Spotify Donates $500,000 To Struggling Music Venues

The streaming giant has teamed up with NIVA to support performances a indie venues across teh U.S.

How to find your most played tracks and artists on Spotify or Apple Music

No more waiting around till the end of the year to see your Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay. With TuneTrack you can find your most played tracks and artists on Spotify or Apple Music…