Shazam creating curated music video experiences with Vadio

Shazam’s music discovery apps will now feature music videos and channels of streaming music videos thanks to a new partnership with Vadio.

Shazam have struck a deal with music video platform Vadio to create visual experiences in Shazam and allow users to discover more music directly from the app. Although Shazam did feature music video integration on track and artist pages before, their partnership with Vadio will flesh that feature out into a catered experience that offers up recommendations and streams.

Vadio say that so far they have quietly launched their integration out to 30 million Shazam users and report that with their enhanced music video features app usage has boosted to over 4 minutes per use. Vadio have seen their music video platform grow to impressive heights this year, signing a deal with Warner Music earlier this year and now partnering with Shazam to be built into their massively popular music recognition app.

Shazam’s chief product officer, Fabio Santini said: “We want to give fans a great reason to spend more time with Shazam by giving them access to a rich and immersive music video experience. In turn, this creates new revenue opportunities for artists and, moreover, powerful ways of gaining exposure for brands.”

With Vadio’s functions Shazam won’t just show you a music video for the track you’ve discovered but can watch a “channel” of videos based from that track or explore unique channels based on genres and themes, created by Shazam’s editorial team. Shazam have seen their best year yet in 2016 updating their app for a more refined experience, starting Shazam for Brands to create unique marketing experiences, launching a new ‘Shazam Lite’ app for the data conscious, and recently reaching 1 billion downloads and making a profit for the first time.

It’s not clear when a full rollout of Vadio in Shazam will come and which territories will get it but with a soft launch on 30 million devices and an announcement we should expect it to come for everyone soon.

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