Offering artists 85% of the revenue for free distribution, on the surface ONErpm seem to be comparable to RouteNote. Let’s look closer.

ONErpm is a music distribution service that promotes free distribution while artists keep 85% of the revenue (on most stores). On top of distribution, ONErpm give artists a few other tools such as YouTube monetization, lyrics inclusion, manual review of every album uploaded, TikTok Sound distribution, custom pricing for downloads, online technical support ticketing system, territory exclusions, artist profile match to Spotify, Apple and Deezer, royalty sharing, downloadable monthly earnings reports, and takedowns and change requests, plus promotion and marketing tools like pre-save and smart links with analytics. RouteNote offers all artists these tools and more, click on the links above to see more.


RouteNote and ONErpm distribute to many of the same major stores like iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Napster, YouTube Music, Shazam, etc. but ONErpm miss some key partners such as SoundCloud, eMusic, Nuuday, Qobuz, 7digital, Gracenote, as well as many service in Asia where music streaming is growing, for example Kanjian, AWA, Melon, Bugs!, NAVER VIBE and FLO.



ONErpm’s music distribution has no fees, recurring costs, or charges for UPC/ISRC codes. The artist keeps 85% of the revenue on stores or 70% for YouTube Content ID.


RouteNote also offer a free tier with no fees, recurring costs, or charges for UPC/ISRC codes, where much like ONErpm, artists keep 85% across stores, however this also includes YouTube Content ID.

On top of free distribution, we offer an optional Premium tier where artists pay a little to keep 100% of the revenue. This gives bigger artists and labels a financially beneficial deal. All features and stores are the same between tiers, and artists can switch at any time.

Head to RouteNote to discover more from the distribution platform that puts you first.