Looking for a guide to splitting royalties? Use our free Revenue Sharing tool to easily separate music royalties between artists.

Is your new music release a collaborative effort? Nice. Now you just need to make sure everyone gets their portion of the royalties once those streams and digital sales roll in.

If you’re a RouteNote user, we make splitting royalties between artists easy – and free – so you can share the money your music makes with your collaborators, wherever they are in the world.

When you upload music to RouteNote, all you need to do is fill in a short Revenue Sharing form to let us know who gets what revenue percentages. Revenue Sharing is an automated system, making it a carefree process.

Once you’ve uploaded your tracks, find the Revenue Sharing form in the Artist Services section of the login page.

Revenue sharing

You can then apply the split tool to individual tracks or your whole release. You’ll need to provide:

  • UPC code of the release
  • ISRC code (if revenue is being shared on a specific track, rather than the whole release)
  • RouteNote usernames of the accounts to split royalties with. Make sure each artist has a RouteNote account
  • Percentages for each artist

RouteNote offers Revenue Sharing for free with both our Free and Premium Distribution tiers. We aim for your request to be processed by our team of music lovers within 72 hours, however this can extend during busy periods. When revenue automatically becomes available, each artist can log in to their own account to see their stats and funds on their dashboard.

If you’ve chosen Free Distribution, RouteNote takes a small 15% cut of royalties. Say you’re splitting your revenue fifty-fifty between yourself and a collaborator – both you and your collaborator will receive 42.5% of revenue, whilst RouteNote takes 15%. With our Premium Distribution meanwhile, 100% of the revenue is split equally between you and your collaborator.

Collaborated with other musicians on a track, and all agree that the world deserves to hear it? RouteNote can get your song on Spotify and all the other major streaming services, as well as on social media platforms like Instagram. Find out more here.