RouteNote Troubleshooters: I need to change or update my release on stores

My music has already been accepted and uploaded to stores and streaming services but I need to make some changes. How can I update my release?

After your release has been accepted and we’ve sent it off to the stores you’ve chosen then you are still able to change the metadata. You can add or remove the stores that your release(s) are available on as well as editing your artwork, artist name, album titles, or making general metadata changes from your account.
To make these changes go to to your releases from your account at and select edit on the release you want to change. Once you have made the changes it will be sent to our team to make sure we can allow these changes and once approved will be sent to stores for update.
You can not change, add, or remove audio from your release.
Once your updates are approved it will take around 7-14 days to be applied to stores. If your update is denied you will receive a message stating why.

If you have any further concerns or issues please get in touch at and our dedicated support team will be happy to help.

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    Hello Routenote can I realy change my album artwork when i already uploaded it? im trying it now but I can’t edit my album cover only the title, release date, etc. please help

    Hello, you should be able to change your artwork after approval. However if your release is still pending moderation you won’t be able to make changes until a moderator has looked at it. If you’re having any trouble changing artwork and your release has already been moderated please get in touch with our support team via a ticket on the website or by emailing us at with your UPC and details about the issue.

    Hey im vocaluster, i just want to cancel my moderation of my new song “Constellation” because i’ve uploaded wrong file.
    Song : Constellation
    UPC : 5059741844195
    Artist Name : Vocaluster

    I have a song that is supposed to be :50 seconds long for stylized reasons but when i uploaded it it changed it to :49 and it bothers me. is there any way i can re upload the song and fix this by making the file a little longer and keep the streams?

    Hello, due to the delays in moderation I would like to change the Pre Order Date and Sales Start Date (SSD) of a new release. Can I do that without losing the place in the moderation backlog? already waiting for 8 working days so I don’t want to reset the count. Thanks!

    Hello, yes it won’t affect your place in the queue. You should be able to edit your release by heading to it in your Discography.

    I just finished my album, so I tried to put it up for distribution, but I ran into a problem.
    Everything was going smooth, until I got to the artwork.
    I put the artwork in and clicked save changes, but an “error” popped up at the top of the screen.
    It said “Please add you album artwork”, the artwork meets all the requirements.
    I’ve also tried using a different browser, and using a different cover art, but nothing works.

    Hi, can you please check that there are no special characters or symbols in the file name of your image. If you still can’t get it to work afterwards please get in touch at and attach your image file and mention the UPC number.

    Hi! I cannot click on
    Manage Stores >
    I would like to add fb/insta and youtube which I don’t know why weren’t added.
    (ive done this before with another release so I’m really not sure what happened here)

    Hi Alvin, it sounds like your release wasn’t eligible for Content ID if Facebook and Instagram were deselected after we moderated your release. Some releases don’t meet the criteria to be uploaded to these stores: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Content ID.

    RouteNote didn’t send any mail to notify, if my release was not available for Content Id.
    User might be waiting for their content Id approval.

    ayo, had a question, if you get your song approved, and then you change the release date, will it release faster or need to be approved again? I set the release date to 3 weeks in advance, but really would like to get it released sooner if possible but also wanna know an exact release date so I can hype up the release.

    Hello, as there is a delay in moderation at the moment due to the amount of releases we have coming in it is unlikely that it would speed up the release of your music by the time the team have been able to accept and implement the date change. If you leave the sales start date section empty in future then your music will release as soon as stores have received your release.

    Dear RouteNote,

    I uploaded my project last night, at around 22:58 UK time, and upon playing it back I noticed that a handful of the songs are not sounding how they sounded when I saved them. I have noticed a few clicks at certain points throughout the songs, and have noticed that I may have uploaded them at too high a quality, and since it is still only a few hours since I uploaded, I would like to re-upload the same songs but at a slightly lower quality before they enter and conclude moderation and get sent to stores, so as to avoid the clicking sounds throughout the project. Please advise as soon as possible on the best way to move forward as this project means so much to me and I really want it to be perfect.

    Hi RayKaz, your audio shouldn’t be compromised for any reason assuming it fits the MP3 or FLAC guidelines of our upload tool. If you get in touch at they can look into that and also remove the release if you’re wanting it taken down. Simply create a new release with your new audio and we’ll be able to get that one moderated and released.

    My release has been accepted and already released. Now I want to release it in some more stores. Can I update an already released album adding some more stores on it?

    Hello, yes you can. Head to your Discography in your RouteNote account and you can edit the release adding more stores there.

    Hi Routenote,

    What if i need to change my artist name, but it shared release (under a label) can i change it by myself?

    And after i change my artist name, what happens to the monthly listener, a playlist that put my song and etc
    Will my song still in their playlist?

    You will need to update your artist name on your release details to change it. This will update your name but your release will keep its streaming statistics.

    Hi Routenote. Recently I’ve edit my latest release and added some platforms I missed, I noticed that I can add or remove some of them but not all.. Like Google play music, I want to remove my release from there but it seems impossible to unmark the chaeckbox. Once I make a change I have to wait 7-14 days for the modification to be accepted and at the same time I can not chance anything else until this first change is approved ?? Thank you.

    I changed a release date (I pushed my song back from October 24th to November 27th) ,yet to get an update.. Do you think the change made can be implemented soonest (coz the initial release date is in 5 days time and I really want the release to be postponed??

    I already have an artist account on spotify so I’ll write my name in the artist name automatically so that the song goes to my artist account because I’m nervous because I might have a new artist account on spotify but I have

    I changed my name in my artists profile preferences and updated all of my tracks with my new name, and all of them are now in the Review tab in my discography. It has been almost 2 weeks since I have changed my name and have seen no changes in some major stores. Do I need to wait longer for RouteNote to update my metadata?

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