Is NetEase Music safe?

NetEase Music is one of China’s big three in streaming, with over 800 million users. Is the streaming service safe for users and artists?

China’s restricted and monitored internet has sparked much controversy over the last few years, but is your information safe on NetEase? We never ask for or send any of your personal information to our partner stores. We only require your music, metadata and a PayPal email address to safely send revenue directly to. As for NetEase’s users, the service is largely free, so for any skeptics wanting to test run the streaming app, we’d recommend only entering in the essentials details when signing up.

Launched in 2013, NetEase has built a catalogue of over 10 million songs. The service offers users many of the same basic features you’d find in Spotify (which isn’t available in China) such as playlists, personalised recommendations, sharing music, along with download and streaming options on it’s mobile and desktop apps. Most features are free, with some artists choosing to have their music accessible for paid users only.

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