TIDAL are bringing artists together with a new spot to hang out, discuss experiences, learn from each other, and collaborate.

Music is at its best when it’s a community. Whether its artists within your genre, local artists to where you’re located, or just someone else in the business to chew the fat with. TIDAL have launched Circles, a new discussion board for artists to hang out and support each other in.

Circles is a new spot available exclusively to artists form their Artist Home. Clicking through to the tab will present artists with a range of topics that they can explore including: Touring & booking, Fans & social, Merchandise, and Music creation. Artists can search to find discussions about the topics they’re specifically interested in.

Clicking on these topics will show posts from other artists which you can join in the discussion with. Alternatively, create a new post to offer your own views or ask a question to your peers with. TIDAL describe it as an “artist-to-artist forum for artists to discuss their career experiences and connect with their peers on how to navigate the music industry”.

Whilst artists can freely discuss their experiences and opinions, there are regulations. TIDAL say that the forums will be moderated by their customer support team. Those who break the rules of conduct will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This is perhaps why, at least for now, it won’t be available to all artists on TIDAL.

Anyone who has musical content on TIDAL can claim their Artist Home. Circles is currently only available to artists in the TIDAL Rising program on early access. There’s no news as to when Circles might become available to more artists.

On the user-side, TIDAL recently announced that they’re killing one of their subscription offerings, offering just one tier. That means that all of their flagship features, like high resolution and Dolby Atmos audio, will all be available at their lower subscription cost of $10.99 a month. This is a bargain for those who live high quality streaming and have been put off by the price barrier.

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