Image Credit: Pandaily

Two giants of China’s music industry have joined forces, looking to promote Chinese music to younger demographics.

Streaming service NetEase Cloud Music has partnered with Emperor Entertainment in what they’re referring to as a “strategic co-operation.” The focus will primarily be on promoting Chinese music, working together on performance and music copyright opportunities.

With the agreement, NetEase Cloud Music has access to the copyright of all Emperor Entertainment artists, including popular artists such as Joey Yung and Nicholas Tse, giving a boost to contemporary genres like pop music.

Music company Emperor Entertainment, based in the Asian-Pacific, has five music labels and works within publishing, management and concert production. RouteNote partner NetEase Cloud Music meanwhile is one of the “Big 3” music companies in the China region with 183 million monthly active users and a library of 60 million songs.

The two companies will now work together to “provide more high-quality music content for Chinese music lovers, and promote the vigorous development of Chinese music.”

NetEase Cloud Music is massively popular with the Gen Z demographic in China – 90% of users are in the “post-2000” and “post-1990” generations. The companies hope that NetEase Cloud Music’s young usership will connect with Emperor Entertainment, which will help to promote Chinese music amongst a younger demographic.

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