How to post a longer Reel on Instagram

Users wanting to know how to upload long Reels on Instagram will be pleased to hear the maximum time for Instagram Reels is increasing.

Your music is now on Facebook and Instagram in Nepal and Taiwan

Meta expand music to more markets in Asia, bringing your releases to more people on Facebook and Instagram Stories, and Reels.

Facebook Reels and new monetization options are launching globally

Announced by Meta earlier this week, Reels are now available on Facebook in more than 150 countries on iOS and Android.

How to Remix any video on Instagram (not just Reels)

Instagram expand their Remix feature, allowing you to respond to any video across the social media platform with your own video.

TikTok beats Snapchat and Twitter becoming third most popular social network

TikTok follows behind only Facebook and Instagram as the biggest social network in the world.

How to reply to Instagram Reels comments with a video

Instagram have just launched Reels Visual Replies, allowing creators to reply to a comment with a Reel, much like TikTok’s video replies.

Instagram test 60-second Stories as they continue to streamline the video experience

Instagram extend Stories from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, as they roll out the feature to a small group of users.

Instagram Reels Play pays out as much as $10k per short-video

Creators on Instagram are being offered thousands of dollars to create Reels, but there seems to be a lack of transparency.

How to download TikTok videos without the watermark and why it’s important before uploading elsewhere

Removing that pesky little TikTok watermark is crucial when sharing TikTok videos to other short-form video platforms like Instagram Reels.

Instagram Superbeat, 3D Lyrics and Dynamic Lyrics makes it easier than ever to create engaging Reels

Instagram have launched three new Reels effects that makes your short-form videos react to the music with just a few taps.