Image Credit: Instagram

Users wanting to know how to upload long Reels on Instagram will be pleased to hear the maximum time for Instagram Reels is increasing.

Instagram is testing introducing longer Reels to more users. Some users on the app are reporting they can now post a 90 second Instagram Reel.

For most, Reels are still capped at 60 seconds, but some users are noticing the option to create a minute and a half of content, with the same creation tools as always. Instagram says there’s no official plan in place to make 90 seconds the norm for Reels – but the testing suggests it will eventually roll out to all app users.

For artists with music on Instagram, a longer Reel means more of a song can be used for a backing track, showcasing more of the release. That makes choosing which snippet of song to highlight in a Reel a little easier!

The max time for Instagram Reels has been creeping up since their initial introduction as 15-second short clips. Reels first appeared as a direct competitor to TikTok when Instagram sought to catch up with the new platform’s popularity. When TikTok first allowed its users to create longer videos, Instagram and Facebook weren’t far behind in lengthening their TikTok copies, too.

Meta, parent company of Instagram, has been determinedly moving away from the traditional static images that the app was built on to focus on video content. It’s a shift that looks set to continue.

Whenever a social media platform introduces a new feature to the app, it’s a smart move for creators to immediately make content using the new tool. The platform wants to push users towards the new feature, and the algorithm reacts positively to new posts, boosting content up the feed. So if you see 90 second Reels on your Instagram, be sure to hop on that trend.

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