How do music producers get their tracks distributed online to Spotify and other streaming services, and start earning money from their music?

Getting started producing music has never been so easy – barriers of cost and access to resources have been lifted, and now anyone can start creating beats at home with a laptop. There’s also never been such a rewarding time to be a music producer.

So, you’ve finished producing your track. A couple of listens to the mastered song later and you’re convinced – the world needs to hear it.

How do you get your music on Spotify and other streaming services?

You don’t need to be a music producer signed to a record label, committed to complicated contracts or with industry networking links to Apple Music or Deezer to start earning money from producing. It’s never been easier to get your music heard.

To get your tracks online onto the likes of Spotify as an independent producer, you need to enlist the help of a digital music distributor. They’re able to quickly upload your music to streaming services easier and cheaper than ever before, and in some cases get your music distributed for free. That’s where RouteNote comes in.

RouteNote offers music distribution for producers to all the major streaming platforms and stores, for free. Release unlimited tracks to all the streamers and stores whilst keeping control of your music.

There’s no hidden fees and no commitment demanded. Producers keep 85% of earnings when signed up for free distribution, or with the Premium Distribution tier there’s a small upfront cost and then music producers can keep 100% of earnings.

Songs are quickly approved and uploaded, instantly beginning to earn you money from streams and sales. RouteNote’s friendly Support Team are always right there with you to help.

Distributing as a music producer with RouteNote offers:

  • Free uploads
  • Retain all the rights to your tracks
  • Keep 85% of all royalties
  • No hidden fees
  • Distribution for unlimited releases
  • Earn extra through our referral system
  • Your choice of whichever stores and streaming services you want to distribute to
  • Option to go Premium ($10 – single, £20 – EP, $30 Album)
  • 100% of royalties are yours on Premium
  • Free access to our SoundCloud and YouTube Networks

If you’re ready to take the next step and get your tracks online so music fans can hear them – and earn money while you’re at it – RouteNote is proud to offer the best deal in distribution for music producers.

Learn more here and sign up today to take the next step in your producing journey.